The Best Frozen Pizza

24 04 2008

OK, so I am not wont to making consumer recommendations.  That being said, I have a consumer recommendation I want to make.

Frozen pizza is one of those weird food areas where you realize the topping are going to, generally, be of low quality, freshness isn’t even an option, and the ending quality is something ranging between aerosol cheesegino's east pizza spray and Spam.  But then we don’t eat frozen pizza for the pizza of it.  It’s more or less a convenience item that fills the gaps between real pizzas.  That being said, Barbara and I have occasionally happened upon a frozen pizza that’s a tab bit better than the norm.

Living in the arctic circle surrounding Chicago, one would wonder why we’d even bother to buy freezer fried pizza.  After all, with the abundance of some of the best pizza places in the world here, you’d think nothing that ever crossed the gate of the freezer door would cross the gape of our lips.  But that is a philosophical question I’ll leave for the mystics and theologians to sort out.  All I know is, occasionally we heat up one of those stiff discs.

But then we discovered it…

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A Reason To Believe

25 09 2007

Among the many reasons why I believe in God: creativity.  That’s not to be confused with creationism.

While it is blatantly obvious to me that God Himself masterminded all science, to the scientist all things of life boil down to explainable equations.  In the purely scientific mindset, we can all be explained with numbers and mathematical formulas.  This leaves little to no room for explaining why we create, how love works (try explaining that one with provable, tangible facts!), what makes us poetic, why music effects us, why grandma’s cookies smell so much better than grandpa’s socks, and why there is an inalienable calling to reason out our existence.  Math and science might come up with the numbers, but it takes creativity along with some intangible, unexaminable force to make it all happen beyond the snapping of synapses. 

I could bust open a vein of apologetical justifications for faith.  But nothing does it for me like the spectacular pictures painted in nature or the warm breath of a child on your cheek when they hug you or the absolute beauty of a song that transcends time and elevates spirits from one generation to the next.  And if you think that’s something, I have several other sappy run-on sentences I could add to the mix. 

I’m just so thankful that life can’t be completely explained by logic and reason.  There are just some things that we are hopeless to quantify.  Thank you, Father, for your creativity.