Goodbye, WordPress

I have been so much time highly recommending WordPress to my friends that I feel like an absolute fool today.  What you won’t notice unless you are a blogger is that WordPress has instigated a whole new behind the scenes set-up for the way we create and monitor our blogs.  Why is it in the computer world, just like most everywhere else these days, there is the foolish assumption that new is better.

Well, without so much as a beta test for us to give comments, or any other notification that I know of, WordPress has completely destroyed its dashboard system and I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from even considering WordPress now.  Certainly the old system needed work, but the amateurish, ill-conceived, poorly designed changes have ruined a once good thing.

I know that this rant has nothing to do with my usual blog.  I will be transferring this to another provider as soon as I can find one suitable.  I’m just afraid that no one will live up to the old WordPress…  I couldn’t find it then, and I wonder if I’ll find it now.

Among the innumerable dissapointments is that the new system is incredibly hard to navigate, poorly designed, and some vital items are no longer present.  For example, as near as I can tell after hours of frustration, there is now no way to access one’s personal profile.  Also, they’ve made it tedious to create categories and tags now.

I’m not one that usually bristles at new stuff…  I like to give it a chance just the same as I appreciate it when someone gives my new stuff a chance.  However, when something that is so obviously ill-conceived and hastily designed as the new WordPress dashboard is thrust upon us with no warning, it is obvious that there is no concern for the needs and practices of longtime bloggers.

I hope to be up and running on a new site soon.  But the question is…  where?  Perhaps today I can pray that the God of miracles will take the time in the midst of healing people from cancer, directing lives for fruitful ministry, and doing stuff that is truly significant, will take the time to do the insignificant and cause WordPress to bring back what once made them great.


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