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29 03 2008
Laura Daniels

YES! I agree! Lisa Van Ryn is a remarkable young woman, so composed and so faithful. I want to read the blog just to hear her words again. How truly blessed both families are to have Lisa’s wisdom and understanding through their ordeal. I wish both families love and peace.

29 03 2008

Thanks Laura. If anyone knows the address of Lisa’s blog, I would also love to read it. I would be grateful if you let me know… I couldn’t find it while searching. Blessings!

29 03 2008
Nicole Ducharme

Lisa’s peace, gracefulness, and maturity is truly inspiring. She is someone to look up to. God bless all involved.

29 03 2008

Thank you for putting it into such words. I too was moved by Lisa Van Ryn and felt compelled to “search out” more info on her today. What a powerful witness she is for the power of Christ in our lives. She’s at least 20 years younger than me but she’s such a powerful role model. She resonates such peace and grace. God is good! I pray that he will bless her always!

29 03 2008


I believe I have now seen a real live guarian angel on this earth. You have helped my faith more than you will ever know…

God Bless you and your family and the Ceraks as well.

30 03 2008

I was so moved by the faith of both families and the way they spoke with such strength and authority. It is obvious that they have been with Jesus. It was so clear to me how this tragic situation was for God’s glory (truly, this was for the glory of God). From their tears of pain and grief to the honesty of Mrs. Van Ryn”s journal entry, “Be my Strongtower, because I am so weak”, God was indeed glorified as millions of viewers witnessed a strength that this world cannot give and that this world (and the tragedies that are associated with it) cannot take away. The genuine confidence & faith in the sovereignty of God, not putting God in their mold, but trusting Him even in this, glorified their Father in heaven. I know He will be faithful to continue to be the God of all Comfort. You are in our prayers and we can’t wait to see all the lives touched by your strong witnesses for the Lord when we all meet in the New Jerusalem. In His Grip – candy

31 03 2008

A remarkable young woman put on this earth by our remarkable God. She is truly one of God’s children and her strength will lead her in whatever lies ahead. Nothing is too overwhelming for this woman. Godspeed Lisa.

31 03 2008

It would be an honor to meet her. I agree she is the presence of God at work. I just can’t stop thinking of what it would be like to be her and if in any way I would be strong enough to hold it together as she did when the realization came over her. I hope someone’s encouraging words bring some peace to a wonderful girl (women’s) heart. Peace be with her and her family. Thanks for the inspiration to be a better person. If you are going on book signing tour, would love to have the opportunity to meet her.

31 03 2008
Ryan whitcomb

I really miss laura i know what you are felling

2 04 2008

The journal that Lisa VanRyn kept while “Laura” was hospitalized has been removed from the internet to my knowledge. The link was:

2 04 2008

Passerby, thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to pick up the new book for the inspiration.

3 04 2008

I too, was awestruck by Lisa. It makes my heart ache and I wonder if Laura was like her. What a tragic loss. Lisa’s strength, wisdom, faith and beauty is simply amazing.

God may have Laura but I am sure Lisa is a great source of comfort to her parents.

3 04 2008
Jennifer Ashcroft

I just finished watching the Oprah interview, and watched the Dateline interview last night – upon completion I found myself struck, perhaps intrigued by the beauty and the wisdom Lisa Van Ryn possesses. I got online to google her in hopes to locate an email address as I would love to tell her how impressed I am by her. There sat a woman whom lost her younger sister and was so composed and humble and genuine in her conviction. Those who watched her will forever be changed as I am. My hope was to tell her how remarkable she is, how intelligent, how poised; however, someone with the humility she possesses would probably never google herself to read what others think. Both families are absolutely remarkable, but she is a very unique woman whom the world should be grateful to have.

3 04 2008
MaryBeth Zadorozny

I have to agree, Lisa has been a remarkable young lady. I got the book yesterday and I’m just about done reading it. If only I could be as strong as she has been and continues to be. It truely is powerful how God’s Grace is truely at work all of the time. I too was hoping for an email address for Lisa so I could express my thoughts and feelings how how remarkable I think she is. God Bless to all of the families involved!!!

5 04 2008
Dawn Peery

I was moved by Lisa Van Ryn. She is someone I would love to meet. You (Lisa) are an inspiration to so many people by just being you! Lisa, if you see this, I hope you hear all these words that have been said about you and realize all the good you brought to many people. Not only did you touch Whitney’s life but you touched all of our lives by telling us your family’s story. I truly hope to meet you one day so I can tell you in person how you touched my life.

5 04 2008

I am not good with words but i also watched the interview. I wish peace to Laura and am so sorry for her death, as well as the death of all the accident victims. I am sure Laura was a women devoted to God and peace from the example her Parents set along with her sister, they have served her bravely. To the Parents of Laura, i am sorry. I will pray for the Mother and Father of Laura as well as Lisa. I want to say that that it seems like Laura was close to God and that her death has served as a call to God for many that read or watch this tragedy, so in a way Laura lives on in her ability to change lives through her story. The Cerak family was equally as graceful in their love for God. I am grateful for the chance to see families devoted to a loving and caring life, a life committed to God above all else and centered in kindness while here on earth.

6 04 2008

What a remarkable woman you are Lisa.. god bless you!

6 04 2008

I just want to praise the Lord for the Van Ryns and the Ceraks. Their wonderful testimony and how they have touched this Jamaican and I’m sure many others around the world. Lisa is indeed a remarkable, spirit-filled young woman and I thank God for her life and pray that she will continue to bless and reflect the glory of the Lord. I would also like to praise both sets of parents for the great job they evidently did in bringing up such beautiful children in the Lord. Their children bring them great credit, especially the incredible Lisa. Whitney, may God bless you while revealing to you the reason He wanted you to stay on earth a while longer.

6 04 2008

Jesus had this to say: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Lisa, I know of no finer example than you. Don, you have brought up a godly family of such character I know not what to say. My heart breaks for everyone involved, and yet I am so thankful to have been adopted into the same family. Grace and peace, Michael

7 04 2008
Andres G.

I was amazed with Lisa’s responses. She is such a sweet, intelligent and remarkable woman. Both families are such an example to follow, I can not say enough about how they made me feel and think about the priorities we all should have in our lives. God Bless all of them. I just wish Lisa wouldn’t have closed the blog. I would’ve liked to send her a message.

8 04 2008
Marge H.

I just finished reading “Mistaken Idenity” and was completely overwhelmed. My God is an awsome God who blesses His children. Not everyone would agree with the way you chose to lead your life with God in control. But I do. i too have gone thru my own tragedy of loosing my parents to murder and loosing my husband of 25 years one year later. God is so good in guiding our lifes and giving us peace in the midst of the storm. Thankyou so much for your testimonys of faith and giving hope to those who do not know The Lord as we do. God Bless You All!

8 04 2008

Wow I have alot to say about both of these families. Thank God for people like you I don’t know where to begin. This story touched me in such away I can’t even explain. When I heard you had a book on it I rushed home from a 48 straight shift to the Christian Book store. I can honestly say this is the first whole book I have ever read in my lfe and I am 37. Amazing. I cried my heart out for both families through the majority of it but I can say a job well done.. God Bless both of your families as they try to heal.

20 05 2008

I saw Dateline’s program on the case of Mistaken Identity almost 2 months ago. As a father, the story moved me deeply. I have often thought about all that Mr. Van Ryn went through emotionally. I don’t think my heart could tak the rollercoaster of emotion that he rode.

I don’t pretend to have any kind of special knowledge of God’s plan(s)…but that being said, I think it is very possible that the tragedy the Van Ryns have suffered was part of God’s plan for the sole purpose of giving Lisa Van Ryn to the world as a role model for Christians. With the continuing devolution of morals, ethics and Christian principles that we as a society are experiencing today, God has given us Lisa Van Ryn as a shining example of what a Christian should be. Her faith, her compassion, and her ability to love unconditionally were beyond inspiring.

I thank God for giving us Lisa, and I thank Lisa for being the example that she is for Christians around the world.

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