Attack of the Great Illinois Corn Flake

18 03 2008

The words “flake” and “Illinois” usually only come together when one is discussing their political scene. Living near the home of political corruption itself, Chicago, I am privy to day after day of newscasts putting the absurdity of Illinois politics on display. From their dastardly governor with a Jiffy-pop hairdo, to Chicago’s tax hungry tzars, Illinois is a virtual political bowl of granola.

But now, transcending the infamous legacy of scandal in the Land of Lincoln, comes news of greatness. Better than any slice of bread with mold that looks like Elvis. Better than any visage of Mary appearing in ketchup splatters on the Burger King Illinois corn flakewall. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Frosted Flake in the shape of Illinois. So where do you find the locale to go pay homage to this divine gift from on high? No other place than that internet manifestation of Beulahland itself, eBay.

You can check the full story of this prodigious flake here, or the eBay listing here. At last check, bidding was at a phenomenal $2,300! You better hurry, you people with so much money to spend you don’t know what to do wit’ it… bidding ends Wednesday.

As my wife said, with all our financial woes these days, why couldn’t we have found that flake? Now that I think of it, I did find a Corn Chex cereal piece the shape of Wyoming the other day. Any bidders?

Why is it some wait for fortune to fall their way, while others find it while eating breakfast? And what’s so awe inspiring about this blessing from Tony the Tiger that causes people to giddily chuck out thousands to be its owner for all posterity?

Update. Bidding now over $2,550.

Here’s a thought. What say we look for the wonder and beauty in someone who’s feeling mighty down and worthless today. I’m sure the young lady who’s peddling this Kellogg keeper is deserving of the notoriety and financial windfall. But how many people around us are crying out to be noticed… for someone to invest just a little bit of time in them… and no one stands in line to bid for the privilege?

Christ found value in the lady who only had a penny to give. He spotted potential in a tax collector and gave purpose to the lives of several unschooled tradesmen.

The flake is a funny story fer sure. But God help us find the hidden value in those we see but don’t see everyday. How can we be agents of God’s help, hope and healing for someone today?

Update again: just checked the flake… it’s going for $6,600. Wonder how much the milk will go for.

Update: Now it’s getting ridiculous… over $200,000! Starting to think that someone is playing games here. Duh.

Update: I notice that today, Wednesday, the flake listing has been removed from ebay.




2 responses

20 03 2008
Donald McIntire

Thank you for your kind words regarding my daughter who found the cornflake. Our lives have been turned upside down, and we don’t expect to make a dime on any of this but our goal has always been to create memories. Two things have struck us. One, how many mean, spiteful people there are full of hate. Second, and more importantly, how many more people are out there, full of happiness, joy and love.

Donald McIntire

21 03 2008

It was so good to get your response. I could tell by what happened on eBay that people were playing with you, but had no idea it had gone as far as you stated. Still, it’s even more affirming about all the good folks you’ve encountered. I hope that in days to come, your little flaky adventure will prove to be a fun memory rather than a regret. God’s blessings on you and your family. And if you find a Fruit Loop shaped like Indiana… I’d just go ahead and eat it if I were you!

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