This Elephant’s Talking To Whos Who Are Not!

13 03 2008

Horton Hears A WhoFrom time upon time and on one day or three,

This pastor makes embarrassing admissions – ’bout me!

I make no apologies, nor make an excuse,

I, a grown man, still read Dr. Seuss.

I’ve seen movies ’bout mawholligers, and movies ’bout oompshoe,

And soon I shall wrest my eyes on “Horton Hears A Who”.

Now all of the Sneetches and Zaxes and such,

Say I must be drinkin’ of the bloo-gorney fruit too much.

“He reads Dr. Suess, he does it, does he?

Why he’s well past a lad – almost 43!”

One day as I moped as I sat on a rock

A possum walks up wearing a clergyman’s frock

Quite an odd sight, I nearly did squawk!

Then this strange little possum, he started to talk!

“If you tell any person you’ve been talking to me,

They’ll likely lock you up and throw out the key.

Please deal with their grumping and sad, lonely faces

They’ve not learned to find hope in the simplest of places.”

“It’s not odd,” said the possum, whose name was Dalrimple,

“It’s not odd for grown people to scowl at the simple.

horton hears a whoWhy, if many in you-ville have forgotten ’bout God,

It makes perfect sense they’d think you quite odd.”

As he scurried away, the sun broke through a cloud

I smiled a big smile as big as Mt. Rushloud.

Inspiration in life often may seem quite obtuse

So it’s fine, just fine, if I find it in Dr. Suess.

There are many bold lessons behind those simplistic tales,

And many big issues the doctor assails.

‘Sides, I’ve learned big lessons from the simple much more that twyst,

That was the method of the man we call Christ.




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