Could The Pillsbury Doughboy Rise Again?

11 03 2008

Let’s just get real serious for a moment. What would happen to the Pillsbury Doughboy if he were to be baked? Does he need to be refrigerated when not performing in commercials? How does he stay so clean and white? I mean, if I were to walk a lump of dough around the kitchen, it would pick up all sorts of nasty little crumbly things and maybe even a hair or two. And furthermore, why is he white? Isn’t that ethnocentric? Shouldn’t he be more yellowish Pillsbury Doughboylike real dough? And finally, if Bisquick had a doughboy, would he be more of the complete package than the Pillsbury dude? Would he age faster? If you poked his belly, would he laugh or merely belch a little?

These are important philosophical quandaries, my friend.

As much fun as it is to ponder the little yeasty fella, we all realize that he’s not real. You do realize that, don’t you? And his cousins, the Staypuft Marshmallow Man and the more macho Michelin Man are also stuff of make-believe land.

In fact, each and every person of normal intellect can tell the difference between the made-up and the real. After a certain age, we no longer pine for Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Even as a child, I knew that I was not biting the head off of anything real when I munched my chocolate bunny. My biggest concern was whether it was going to be hollow or solid. Oh, and I suppose there was also the curiosity as to how long you could leave a marshmallow peep on your dresser shelf to dry before rendering it completely inedible.

But there is one reality that permeates all open minds and weaves into the fabric of our lives in such a manner that anyone from the least educated to the highest Ph’d’ed can understand its truth. It’s the answer that comes before all questions, and the dimension that provides depth to all of life. It’s so real and vivid that even the simplest soul can touch it. But it’s also so complex and complete that it provides no end to challenges so loved by the philosophical and explorative mind.

And I sit here today completely overwhelmed by a God who allows me to both think deep thoughts and yet meditate in the peace of His presence. As we approach the coming “Holy Week”, as we prepare to celebrate history’s greatest reality – one that refuses to be quenched by even the most hardened skeptic – we can be assured that our faith has hope. Faith is not invested in something that we know will let us fall. We have no faith in the Pillsbury Doughboy. He’s a fun fantasy, but very unsatisfying beyond that. No, we celebrate a faith that is proved and real once entered into.

In our church, we will sometimes end a prayer in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We know that He is one God, but the Name of the Father reminds us of the why, the Name of the Son reminds us of the how, and the Name of the Holy Spirit reminds us of the source of our strength. May the one true God shine real in your heart today.




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