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10 03 2008

Jeb Corliss wingsuit jumpJeb Corliss is a BASE jumper with plans to fly.

On the Today Show recently, he jumped from an airplane and flew most of the way down with the help of his webbed wing suit. The parachute was opened only during the last few however many feet before touching down. A cool 2 million dollars will be needed to construct a proper landing area so that Jeb can launch himself from a plane, and fly all the way down like some super hero dude.

Pretty awesome stuff. I could never do it myself (yes, I am chicken), but it does seem like a cool venture if you have the nerve for such a thing.Jeb Corliss wingsuit jump

Of the pictures I’ve seen, though, there is one that has stuck in my mind. Jeb jumped, using his wing suit, and maneuvered under the armpit of the Christ statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve included the picture. See Jeb? He’s that little speck near the right arm. But here’s what has my attention. Look at the big guy there in the wing suit. It occurs to me that there is something spiritually ironic and appropriate about this jump – it looks like Christ was the first to use a wing suit.

The Lord’s eyes are searching the earth, looking to bless those who do what is right. That phrase, or words to that effect, are oft repeated throughout both the Old and New Testaments (Covenants) of the Bible. God is looking for some jumpers. Not someone who says they’re “Christian”, but someone willing to jump in and be agents of change for His Name in this world. Who will jump into the Word of God and get friendly with it? Who will jump into a prayer life that truly moves? Who will jump into our neighborhoods and communities and be help, hope and healing for those in need? For those who will, there is one who has already jumped. One who already cleared the way. One wearing the wing suit long before we ever even got out of onesies. Look at that last picture again. Fix it in your mind.  And then… jump. Jeb Corliss wingsuit jump rio de janiero christ statue




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24 03 2008

omg.. good work, brother

24 03 2008


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