Still Wiggling In My Heart

5 03 2008

Camp song file #214.  Boys sing, “Bu, bu, bu, bubbling.  Bu, bu, bu, bubbling.”  Repeat ad nauseum.  Make that, ad nauseous.

Girls sing, “Jesus’ love is a’ bubbling over, Jesus love is a’ bubbling over.”

All together now…

And that little tidbit still wrests a place in my mind as I think back over my 40 some odd years. 

One day, Mike and I were at the Old Country Buffet having lunch when I saw a rather tall and quite elderly gentleman approach the cashier on his way out.  With his chapeau in one hand and a cane in the other, he begins to speak with such low mellifluous tones his voice carried easily to many patrons.  To the young lady at the counter he asks, “Do you have Jeeeeeeeeesus in your heart?”  And yes, he really did draw out the Name of Christ in such manner.

The pretty young Latino girl nervously smiled and said, “Uh, yes.”bubbles

The old fella placed his hat on his head, turned and left.

After he was gone, I heard the girl turn to another worker and say, “I didn’t know what to say!”

I still ponder this scene, and I’m still not sure what to make of it.

We Christ-followers can, at times, be an odd lot.  I wonder if we truly realize how we come off to those who observe us.  Then I remember that old camp song.  Bu, bu, bu, bubbling.  Jesus love is a bubbling over.  Back then it was a quirky, catchy tune.  It has taken a few decades for me to finally get it.  What the world needs is not another “Bible thumper” (whatever that means…  I picture a guy in a suit thumb-thumping a black leather Bible…).  What it needs is people of genuine love who have the character of Christ overflowing from their life.  Our commission to tell the world is the twin sister to our command to love.  One without the other is void.  Placing well intentioned tracts won’t do it.  Scribbling “John 3:16” is only ponderous.  “Choose Heaven or Hell” billboards only fuel the idea that we are confrontational, condemning, self-righteous freaks.  Rather, the Gospel is only served by those who love first.  Those who exhibit authentic signs of the authentic change Christ offers.  Those whose joy touches others. 

What’s bubbling out of you today?




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