Everything You Wanted To Know About Webkinz But Were Afraid To Ask

29 02 2008

Actually, the title is a bit of a misnomer.  I am no fountain of knowledge when it comes to the latest web phenomenon for kidz.  Er, kids.

My experience with this ecraze barely extends upon what I’ve learned from my sister’s children.  If I understand this thing correctly, you buy a stuffed animal, then create a web “reality” for it.  The creature comes to life on-line.  For many uninitiated older folk such as myself, this might seem a good reason to get all frumpy grumpy and proclaim what a shame it is our children pursue such improvident internet mind drains.  webkinz

I would almost agree.  The stopper for me is knowing how protective my sister is of her children’s minds and activities.  She and her husband are wonderful parents who treat the kids as sacred trusts.  And then I remembered all the adventures I had creating psuedo realities for GI Joe and other generic versions of the doll, uh, I mean, action figure.  Properly regulated by watchful parents, the webkinz craze is simply another outlet to allow a child to express creativity.  It doesn’t supersede crayons and paint kits and books and such.  Those things are still present and used with great joy.

Speaking of crayons, though, I did get a bit of an education on today’s perception of the colorful creators.  My youngest niece, Carly, was using crayons at our house.  She handed me the white crayon and dismissed it saying, “It’s broked.”  Looking at it, I could plainly see it was not only in one piece, but had barely been used.  Then, my sister explained that since the crayon doesn’t show up on normal drawing paper, Carly and her friends have taken to assuming that the white crayon is “broked”.  It doesn’t work.

All this to serve as a reminder of what precious jewels our children are.  They aren’t masterpieces in the making; they are fully realized works of art in their own present reality.  Somehow we need to teach them that they are completely loved, that they are of infinite worth to God, and yet that they are not alone in that.  While they are first in our lives when in comes to caring and nurturing, they need to learn to put other children before themselves.  I regularly experience children who were taught that not only were they the center of their parents’ lives, but they were also the center of the universe.  This makes for ugly adults.  Perhaps webkinz are a good way of teaching a child to love, care and nurture.  You are special.  But others are more special.  God is served not when we ourselves are worshipped, but when we find our worth in worshipping Him.  This leads us to put all others before ourselves as Christ taught.  The amazing thing is how quickly a child can learn this priceless lesson, and put it to work, when we learn to strike proper balances in their lives.  Webkinz or not.




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