My Favorite Flavor of Chocolate

27 02 2008

When it comes to culinary advancements, I’m beginning to think that the 00’s will be remembered as a time of great advancement for chocolate. 

As a young ‘un, variety in chocolate meant that mom had brought home a bag of Hershey’s Miniatures, and I got to dig out wikipediaall the Special Darks.  Today, there are a plethora of cocoa concoctions ranging from extra dark chocolatte with raspberries (eh), to chocolate covered coffee beans.  I discovered the later when making my first ever visit to a Starbucks with my Son-in-law recently.  I hear they’re actually quite good.  I might actually try one.  Someday.

I’m not a chocolate fanatic of any sort, although there are several of those in my congregation who seem to be obsessed with its melt-in-your-mouth goodness.  I do, however, have a few weeknesses.  Love that Hershey’s syrup on ice cream, baby.  And peanut M & Ms are definitely a guilty pleasure.  Mornings go better with a Mocha Frappacino (light version).  And then there’s the pinnacle of DQ delights, that wondrous Peanut Buster Parfait.  A heart-attack in a plastic container.

Tom Hanks, despite his vast silver screen screen portfolio (of mostly excellent movies), has forever been branded by oneM & M's simple phrase he uttered in Forest Gump.  Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get.  I read that someone, thinking they’d come up with the most clever idea in the world, once presented Hanks with a box of chocolates.  After the meeting, the box went into the trash.  Gee, ya think he’d heard that one before?

At a previous church I’d pastored, I had a rather cantankerous board to deal with.  So, wanting to avoid any childish behavior in our last meeting, I made hot, fresh chocolate chip cookies for them.  Served ’em with milk.  It worked like a pacifier in a baby’s mouth.

Today, I want to be chocolate for someone.  I want to be something good that they can experience in a life that is more brussel sprouts than chocolate chips.  In Old Testament times, God savored the aroma of the sacrifices made.  That’s wikipediabecause they were genuine and real symbols of repentance and praise.  The world around us needs people that exude, if you will, a genuine and pleasant aroma.  This has nothing to do with good hygiene (albeit profoundly important as well), and everything to do with the genuineness of a person who lives what they believe.  A person who sets others before self.  One who abides the person who cuts us off in traffic, and even lets the rude young woman in the leather jacket go ahead of us in the grocery line.  Not only is giving of ourselves to others a completely and wholly satisfying thing, it exudes a chocolaty good aroma to those around us who need signs of hope in hopeless times.  That’s why the sanctifying graces of God are so important in the Christ-follower’s life.  We won’t win ’em all, but we certainly will show that what we have actually makes a difference in us.  That’s a rare trait today.  We need more chocolate Christians. 




3 responses

27 02 2008
to be a fool

Yum. I want to be a chocolate Christian too. Cool post.

14 03 2008

i love chocolate!!!!!!

21 04 2008


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