Dogs Wearing Shoes

26 02 2008

Anthropomorphic dogs make another appearance here at the fish pond.  This time, it’s dogs wearing shoes.  And it’s true.

Police dogs in parts of Germany will start wearing shoes.  No, not those high healed jobbies with goldfish, and not some new german police dog wearing shoesstrain of Air Jordans.  These are real honest to good biscuits dog shoes.  These K9 Keds are designed to protect the doggy detectives’ feet, er, paws from all that may harm them such as broken glass, etc, etc.

I suspect my dog, Max, would be opposed to the idea.  He enjoys his utter nakedness too much.  He dislikes any accoutrement we thrust upon him.  But maybe it’s because we do so at the expense of his humility.  That’s right, we do it so we can get a good laugh.

Speaking of Max…  we caught him watching TV again tonight.  I mean really, truly watching.  He sits there and watches for long periods of time.  Man, that really weirds us out.

One other doggy tidbit that comes to mind involves a wedding and a hound.  The bride’s dog was the ring bearer.  They brought him down the aisle, ring attached to his collar.  I was officiating, and I was more than happy to allow it to take place.  After all, our dogs are such an important part of our lives. 

In his book “Heaven”, Randy Alcorn suggests that it’s possible we’ll see our beloved pets again in Heaven.  Sound preposterous?  I thought so, too, until he made the point that we serve a generous God who loves to give good gifts to his children.  If God can do anything, and he longs for our simple happiness, why wouldn’t he regenerate our dear doggies?  Yeah, I know, sounds funny just to think about it, doesn’t it?  But do we spend enough time thinking about the many ways God adds to our joy?  Or, do we focus on the negatives that we miss the fact that there are many, many more blessings?  Take a minute to look at all the wonderful ways our lives are made more complete and enjoyable, then thank the One who takes such good care of us.  Life is so much better than we let ourselves realize.




One response

26 02 2008
poet soulfree

this is a very witty note that you have out here. must say that the thing about shoes is really interesting. i have seen shoes selling in pet-shops but knew that i wouldn’t want any of mine to become that way. even found a little dolled-up teenager buying some for her pekingese.
on the other hand talking of marriage and dogs…well it is one of my own conditions now for matrimony! that unless someone would accept my dogs only then i would- them :) nobody can ever love me the way my girls do and i need their approval too about who they can see as their pack-leader’s chum.

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