Your Extreme Energy Blog

10 02 2008

I just saw it for the first time – a commercial for a new product that joins the bandwagon of other such products – it’s the new “Frosted Flakes Gold”.  The frosted flakes you know and love, the one that Tony the Tiger has long praised, but now with some new invisible elements added to give you more energy.  I’ll give them credit – at least they didn’t name the cereal “Frosted Flakes Extreme”.

The legion of extreme energy products clogging the grocery and mini-mart shelves is actually a bit scary to me.  I can’t imagine consuming any of these items.  I feel Mario Andretti’s race car dashing through my veins with just a glass of tea.  I can’t imagine how Willie Wonda’d I’d be after a bowl of gold flakes and a glass of Red Bull.  I could probably write a year’s worth of sermons all at once – only they’d make no sense whatsoever!

It figures that our society is so plainly stupid that the answer to our tiredness is more products to wake us up.  It’s hunting season on the Serta sheep.  Hasn’t it occurred to ANYONE that the answer to our tiredness is…  get ready for this…  rest.  Aren’t any of us smarter than a 5th grader?

One of the ways that God proves Himself to be a loving, compassionate, all-knowing God is that He invented something for us.  A little gift, you might say, that he wrapped up in a box surrounded by sun-up and sun-down, and placed it for us to find after a long, wearying weak.  It’s called the Sabbath.  And here’s the coolest part of all – he made it to give us permission to rest, recuperate and recalibrate.  Even God Himself rested after the tedious minutia of creation.  Are we that much stronger than God?

This is not meant to debate the proper placement on our calendar of the Sabbath, rather to say we need to observe it, period.  The work-aholic is committing suicide (physical, emotional, spiritual, relational suicide) just as surely as the alcoholic is.  The need to be busy and make good use of time and make hay while the sun shines and be productive is killing us. 

Tired?  Forget the extreme energy products.  What you and I need is rest.  A whole day of rest.  A Sabbath.  It’s Gr-r-r-r-r-reat!




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