Baby Thrown From Burning Building

5 02 2008

I just saw the horrific headlines and pictures from Germany of a toddler being thrown from a fourth story window to firefighters below as the building burned around him.  Reportedly, the child survived, but I’m not sure of his injuries.

In the mind of a Christ-follower, there stirs symbolism of one being delivered to the saving arms of a loving Father.  But on further introspection, I also find myself being put into the place of those who threw the child.  I can’t, in the deepest reaches of my mind, fathom what it takes to reach a decision such as that.  How desperate does one have to be to throw their child out a window to an uncertain fate?  This must be one of those things that you can only begin to conceive once you’ve been in that position.

This must be a powerful reckoning for us all – it is not enough simply to endeavor to save others from a future judgement event.  We are engaged in the act of saving people from the fires that rage today.  It’s not enough to be concerned about a soul destination; we must be concerned about rescuing the many from the living hell they dwell in today.  This has been an ongoing theme in my theology over recent years, and I continue to bang the spiritual pots and pans over its relevance.  Salvation is not just about the future, it is about today.  Heaven is not just a future home, but a living event that we can begin to experience today.  As you search the New Covenant (New Testament) writings, you find that its language is rich with a present tense understanding of salvation.  Not only does it transform us for the future, but for today as well.  It enriches us so that we can be active in this world today by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The result is quite circuitous; when we give completely of ourselves to others, we in turn experience the present reality of our salvation in ways that cannot otherwise be comprehended.

Don’t just focus on the baby being thrown from the burning building.  Don’t just focus on the life ahead the toddler is being saved towards.  See the reality of Heaven and Hell already at play around us today. 




2 responses

5 02 2008

thanks for a powerful, and absolutely true, post..

God bless your efforts with this blog..

6 02 2008

Thanks for the words of affirmation, Vicki. I truly appreciate it! May God bless your journey.


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