Is Bill Clinton Black?

26 01 2008

As a casual observer of the political scene, I often find myself amused and bemused by what becomes news fodder from day to day.  Just a warning, before I get to my point, you will find a lot of cynicism!

I should first say that the very bickering and negativism going on now is the reason why I think our election and two party system is hopelessly messed up.  With all the talk of who is beholden to whom politically, we should all realize the following facts: 

1. Every candidate is beholden to someone,

2. Nobody really wants to unite the country – to do so would take away fervor for party politics,

3. Party politics isn’t about the people, it’s about who’s more powerful than whom, and

4. Every candidate says we need change – a commodity that doesn’t exist but sounds great in political ads and debates.

Party politics is a particularly curious thing.  It’s not about issues, it’s about dividing and hating.  You see this played out most vividly at the local level where party affiliation means absolutely positively nothing (affirmed to me once by a well respected state politician).  But oh, watch how the two sides bicker and slander.  If ever there was a haven for hatred, it’s in the political arena.  We also see this brewing again on the national level where venom is spewed daily during a campaign.  Please don’t ever be naive enough to believe the candidates when they say they’re in it for you, the “American people”.  They’re in it to gain power for themselves by manipulating you and I into thinking they offer the most to sate our greed and bias.

It is an undeniable, foregone conclusion that no matter who is put into office, the opposing party will so artfully spin things that a majority of Americans will be convinced we made a mistake.  And in most cases we have.  One primary thing all politicos bank on is that most of us do not vote on issues, we vote on charisma and gut feeling (thinking that we can sum up a person by their appearance and speaking ability).  I suspect most of the voting population has no clue as to what the candidate is truly all about.  That’s because they make sure we don’t find out.

If all this is true, then where does it leave your average Christian voter?  We’re being told that we should shut up, keep our thoughts to ourselves while indulging everyone else’s, and to vote for the one whom Hollywood prescribes.   Where is our hope?  Where is Jeremiah when we need him?

We must recast ourselves into the image of Christ who was very active on issues, but did so primarily in a person to person manner.  Can we change the world?  Actually, I think we can.  It’s my pyramid scheme of hope, you might say.  When we show the help, hope and healing of Christ to one, they in turn show it to another (most often starting with family).  Households are changed, and future generations become blessed.  Our involvement in the life of one is something that lasts for a hundred years (actually longer if you think about it).  It’s a blessing that is passed on and changes multiples of people into the future.  At the risk of sounding like a cliche’d motivational speaker, we change the world one at a time just as Christ did.  That way, it doesn’t matter who is in the White House nearly as much.  Government can never shape the will and destiny of the people – but it’s the people who do the work.  As much as I dread the thought of certain candidates in power, I concede that it really won’t stop me from doing what Christ called me to do one bit – even if my rights are threatened.  Certain candidates can (and probably will) reduce Christian liberties, but the Word of God has a remarkable way of moving on, moving forward one person at a time. 

Oh, and concerning the question in my title, “Is Bill Clinton Black?”, the answer is it doesn’t matter for any of us regardless of ethnicity.  While the politicians and wonks go about what they do best – making a mockery of America – you and I, black and white, eastern and western, have more important things to worry about.  Let’s all band together and do the thing that truly makes this country great – empower the people.  And let’s give them real power – that which is found in the saving graces of our Heavenly Father.




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