Obama Romney and Hillary Huckabee

24 01 2008

I thought I would move into less controversial ground than my last post proved to be and talk politics instead.  So…

Being born with the last name “Fish”, I feel appropriately entitled to make fun of anyone’s name I want.  Having heard every possible fish joke under the sun, and having gotten countless strange looks at the Red Lobster when they announced, “Fish, party of 2…”, I feel justified in what I’m about to say.  Have you ever seen a presidential election with so many funny names in all your life?  I don’t recall ever hearing as many political name related jokes as I have thus far.  But it could have been better.

Personally, I like the names Obama Romney and Hillary Huckabee.  They’re sure a lot more musical than John Edwards, John McCain, or the driest of all, Ron Paul.  Fred Thompson had to drop out – not due to poor primary performances – but because polls showed that Americans would not abide a president named Fred.  Years ago, Bob Dole couldn’t win because Dole sounds too much like dull.  And while Al Gore could not score a presidential nod, he has indeed done well with the mathematical community who like the fact that his name sounds so much like algorithm.

As far as my own name is concerned, I find I have to spell it for people quite often.  No one really wants to believe that someone could be named after an aquatic critter.  Some like to add an “er” on the end to make it a respectable “Fisher”.  I’ve also gotten mail for someone named “Fisit”.  When I was a boy, I hated my last name.  I couldn’t stand the teasing it brought on.  As an adult I’ve learned to love dealing with all the fishy attempts at humor thrown my way.  But as a budding adolescent, I told my dad I wish that I could change my name because I hated it.  I’ll never forget his response.  He said, “Son, that’s your grandpa’s name.  You’re not ashamed of him are you?”  Suddenly all the cosmos made sense to me.  It was a moment of true insight.  I can’t tell you that I instantly embraced my marlin-esque moniker, but I did begin to grow into it.

I’m also a Christ-follower.  I wish that I’d always done that name honor.  If we claim to walk in the light as He is in the light, then others will grow to love that name as well.  Not everyone will.  But many will begin to experience what it means to be identified with the Messiah, Emmanuel, God with us.  If you claim to walk with Jesus, how do you treat your new identity?  Is it a matter of embarrassment or shame?  Do you do it dishonor by failing to love or show mercy?  Those are the questions I ask myself everyday.  I’ve long since grown into being a Fish.  But I’m still trying to fit my way into my greater family name.  I’m still growing into the man Christ is raising me to be.




One response

24 01 2008

great post, enjoyed your hoest banter. look forward to some more.

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