The Great Amen?

4 12 2007

How many contracts have you signed without reading every single word?  While a few are diligent fine print scanners, most of us willingly say a blind yes to lengthy agreements.  If we knew all the things we were saying yes to in our car loan papers, we’d be scared to death!  I find it hard to fathom that very many read every jot and tittle of a mortgage contract. 

Wouldn’t it be great if, upon signing our car loan agreement at the bank, a representative was sent home with us to help us understand what we just signed.  Not only that – but this person would also help us pay the loan!  The great thing about our yes to God is that we are provided just such an agent.

Paul tells us that when we say yes to God, we stand in agreement with Jesus who says a wholehearted yes to everything of the Father.  Our yes and God’s yes is the Great Amen.  Amen means “so be it”, or to quote the famous philosophers Lennon and McCartney, “let it be”.  Our yes to God is our declaration of affirmation; our yea vote.  But there is a problem.  Even though we’ve said yes to God, we have no idea of all the things we’ve said yes to.  Further, it is impossible to stand firm on our yes on our own power.  Christmastime reminds us that Christ came as the fulfillment to all God promised His people.  But it should also remind us that God sends His Holy Spirit as well; not just as a one time event, but as an on-going helper and counselor.

We actually do have an agent from the bank to help us understand our agreement and pay the loan! 

Our acceptance of the Holy Spirit is not about money or contracts, though.  It is about accepting the helper who comes to help us stand firm.  Saying yes when we accept Christ is our first stand of agreement.  But then we have the offer of the Holy Spirit to help us stand firm.  This is not a one time event, but a progressive, life-long relationship.  It’s not about receiving a “gift”, it’s about receiving God’s counsel into our lives to help us as we follow His path on shaky legs.

The great Amen is more than just a sonic boom event that happens once, makes a lot of noise, then becomes irrelevant.  It is the beginning of a great life of hope and peace and service to those who have need.




One response

12 01 2008
C.L. Mareydt

aaah … once again … well said. you hit the nail on the head! better yet … truth … iron sharpens iron!!!

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