Supernaturally Stupid

1 12 2007

Despite what our brief, public brushes with each other might convey (especially in traffic), I believe that most people are of reasonably sound mind. Most of us are able to make reasonable decisions in many instances of life. And in the times when I encounter someone who seems particularly and peculiarly rude or obnoxious, I have to remind myself that somebody likely holds this person dear to their heart.

But on occasion, reasonable people of sound mind do something so incredibly stupid and dull minded that the source can only be supernatural. This concept presupposes that you believe in God and in forces of evil. But even if you don’t, haven’t you, at times, been inclined to think that someone has done something so stupid that it defies all reason and logical dictates? Ah, yes… supernatural stupidity.

forest gump - stupid?I see this happen on a regular basis among otherwise superbly wonderful and sound minded church goers. The world around us believes that if we’re not perfect, then we’re hypocritical. The reality is we’re all on a journey towards heavenly glorification, and on the way, mistakes will be made. Nevertheless, it continues to dumbfound me when someone who knows better, who has learned better, and who lives better, does something extraordinarily hurtful. Something supernaturally stupid.

Supernatural stupidity becomes evident on several levels. One, we hold someone accountable for something which we don’t even hold ourselves accountable. Two, we make a hyperbolic statement that we act assured of on the surface, but in reality, we don’t believe. Three, we desire someone else to act, think and behave just as we would. The problem with that latter statement is that when we meet someone who acts, thinks and behaves just as we do, we are repelled like the two contrasting ends of magnets.

As is typical, it’s much easier to diagnose the curse than to divine the cure. Even after years of sound Biblical teaching, so-called Christians can behave in a manner that makes God want to vomit. When the people of God side-step sound behavior for evil purposes, our greatest line of defense begins with prayer. Next, others in the community must gently band together to lessen the offense, and give the offender a soft place to fall when they return to godly reason. Supernatural stupidity is never cured by secondary acts of stupidity. While the first act is often impetuous, the follow-up acts are always pre-meditated and equally disdainful. I often find it helpful to call someone to prayer with me immediately following a supernaturally stupid statement. This act either welcomes a healing humility, or causes the offender to walk away and entrench themselves more deeply in the enemy camp. Typically, those who walk away were never really grounded in Christ or inclined to obedience in the first place. Prayer and unity of believers can be the only sure cure for addressing instances of supernatural stupidity. The worst result is that we can let it provoke us to abandon obedience to Christ and respond in obedience to Satan.

One person praying can truly be a dangerous thing for the forces of evil. Who among us is humble enough to address wrong-headedness with humility and prayer?




One response

1 12 2007
C.L. Mareydt

finally … a sound mind!

thank you.

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