Dancing With The Stars

29 11 2007

I never have been a dancer nor can I claim any special insight on the topic.  Well, I do know that Molly Spotted Elk was a famous native American dancer…  don’t ask.  But I am particularly perplexed at the popularity of the TV show “Dancing With The Stars”.  Perhaps if I had one time been a fan of American Bandstand, I might well have segued into current day twist-n-tango TV.  Then again, if people are willing to watch others fish or cook on TV, perhaps this dance thing shouldn’t stand out.

The only reason Dancing With The Stars came to my attention is that it is in the headline of story after story listed on my internet home page.  I also know that Marie Osmond passed out on the show, but I’m equally perplexed why that is news.  And I did see the show promos last night while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

American culture and its fixations are an interesting and at times depressing things.  Most of us are perfectly pleased to stay hidden from the gaze of reality TV junkies.  While many may long for anonymity, most people also long for relevance.  That’s why, for the Christ-follower in the world today, it is crucial that we recognize our faith in the heavenly should be more than just a future driven commodity.  Rather, a life given to the beauty of spiritual discipline and the heart-joy of an easy yoke is one that dances with the stars.  It is one that people watch, comment on, and discuss with others.  There is no privilege given in scripture to simply have faith, be saved, and do the best you can.  Rather, the call is to live a life of mercy, grace, justice and generosity – loving all, forgiving all.  This is an active thing, not a future based thing.  Simply becoming a Christian to avoid Hell is terribly short-sighted.  Our calling is to dance with the stars; to go to all the world, to be salt and light, to display the true Christ in a world that is hungry, hurting and helpless.  Thanks to our Father in Heaven, we are given help with that task – the Holy Spirit.  He is the counselor who comes on behalf of the star of Bethlehem.  And this Christmas, I would love to be seen dancing with the star.




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