Cyber Monday, Schmyber Monday

28 11 2007

Turns out that Cyber Monday is a myth created by a big online shopping site.  The myth has been around since it was made up in 2005, but this is the first year I’d even heard of it.  It first came to my attention being reported as truth on a broadcast TV news show out of Chicago.  I’ve noticed that several mainline news organizations are also reporting it to be true without any disclaimer whatsoever.  Nevertheless, a number of reputable sources have debunked it.

We so easily fall prey to readily believing whatever we hear.  It’s been posited that the proliferation of internet use and email forwards have caused misinformation to fly faster than ever.  But I don’t buy that.  Misinformation can proliferate wherever people gather and begin to talk.  Still to this day there are otherwise reasonable adults who believe that going out in cold weather without a coat or with wet hair will give you a cold.  In this day and age where we know that colds can only be picked up through contact with the proper feisty little germs, you’d think we would have long ago dismissed this fallacy.

And on and on the urban legends, myths and rumors are passed as truth.  And they are believed by some otherwise right thinking people.  But, alas, myths do not go on for centuries into time.  They have their place, their life, and eventually fall out of favor.  Thanks to the ever inquisitive minds of the legions, we turn over rocks and sweep under rugs and truth eventually satisfies old falsehoods. 

So as we enter the Advent season, there are a fair share of scowling scoffers who will natter on about the celebration of myth and superstition.  Yet this story, this unfolding of the miracle we celebrate at Christmas, remains in the hands of both the uneducated and over-educated as truth.  Its light has not gone dim, nor has its power.  Though countless have tried, and countless have died, the marauders still cannot tame this wild, uncontainable event.  It has changed lives, minds, and families for centuries unvarnished, unstained, undaunted.  How is it that a tiny baby could have such power over man?  Perhaps it’s mostly because the story isn’t about a baby, it’s about you and me.  It’s about our hope and eternal joy.  It’s about our duty to also sacrifice ourselves at any altar so that others may find their way back to the cradle.  I am ever grateful for the truth that has transformed my life and sufferings into something blessed and beautiful.  I’m thankful for a story that is too small to contain in the fragile container of mythology.




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