And He Yodeled Himself Off The Mountain

23 10 2007

Much to my amusement, my side trip foray into gameshow reviews has netted me more hits than anything else I’ve written.  Most, according to my trusty little stats page, came from those searching for a review of Drew Carey’s performance on the Price is Right.  I mentioned that I was a game show junkie from youth…  I do remember watching Price Is Right back when it was just a half hour show, and the audience sat quietly as the show began, rather than applauding wildly.  In those days, you merely stood when your name was called, and then Johnny O told all 4 contestants to come down at one time.  Back then, there was nothing retro or cliche about the Price Is Right; it fit perfectly into its era.

But time has changed.  I am amused when I read forums where people want Bob Barker back, and won’t watch the show again until it happens.  C’mon.  Thy guy is in his 80s.  He deserves retirement.  Let him get in a few more rounds of golf.  Let him have more time for smacking Adam Sandler around.  Let it go. 

I’m also more convinced than ever that the iconic set needs a major makeover.  Even the tired opening sequence with the flashing lightbulbs and corny phrases needs to be revamped.  Sorry if that breaks your heart, but time moves on.

We are such peculiar creatures of habit.  A friend once told me that if I ever think I’m opened to change, try starting a shave on the opposite side of my face from where I normally begin.  A point well taken.  This desire of ours to create ruts until they become graves is also undoing many of our churches.  We are so afraid to do what the Spirit of God does…  MOVE!  The Bible doesn’t describe the Spirit of God as a rock.  It doesn’t call Him a tree.  Nope.  No sireebob.  Neef.

The Spirit of God is most often Biblically described as a fire or a wind.  That suggests motion.  That suggests change.  That suggests havoc and unpredictability.  Think about it.  Our prayers rage for those in the face of the Southern California inferno these days.  As you see the news reports, and as you consider the fate of the homes in the path of the flames, also consider that this is what the Spirit of God is.  This is what He desires for His church to be.  Unpredictable.  Wild.  Dangerous.  On the move.  If we truly burn with the fire of God, we will be these things.  This is the ultimate in obedience; when we can be a people on fire yet on fire for God.  This is an awesome thing to contemplate.  We, as the church, must be on the move.  Never stuck in the 70s.  Never stuck in our own whims or notions.  Never stuck in a rut that is inches away from becoming a grave.  When we do this, people will truly take notice.  Change will come to the landscape. 

Can we afford to be a church that changes?  The price is high, but the result is right.




One response

23 10 2007

Hah… Some congregations can hardly stand change enough to bring in new members, or for existing members to grow. It’s almost like discipleship is a lost art, but maybe that’s because we think it’s our art. Iron sharpens iron, but only when it’s in the Master’s hand.

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