Drew Carey’s Price Is Right Debut

16 10 2007

OK, now for a complete departure from the norm.  I grew up a game show junkie of sorts.  I must admit that while I once loved Family Feud, seeing the old Richard Dawson episodes on the Gameshow Network makes me completely nauseous every time he creepily kisses the women.  And always on the lips.  Bleeech.

carey price is rightToday being my day off, I made it a point to tune in to the first episode of Price Is Right with Drew Carey as host.  He was clearly nervous, most demonstrated by his fidgetiness and his nasal voice prattling on at light speed pace.  But this was only the first day.  I suspect most of us are wrecks our first few weeks on the new job.  It’s not like this is the new Drew Carey vehicle…  he’s taking the place of a broadcast icon.  Yet while I was prepared to like Drew in this role (I’ve never been that much of a fan of his – in fact, I don’t watch any of his other shows), I must admit that my reaction waned more towards disappointment.  The weirdest part is, I don’t think it was all Drew’s fault.

Originally, I thought it was a wise move to make as few other changes as possible.  While the set design had been revamped a bit from ’70s style gameshow cliche design to, uh, a different ’70s style gameshow cliche design, it is reasonable to note that the designs changed over the course of Bob Barker’s tenure.  After seeing the first episode, I’m now convinced that a much bigger overhaul is needed.  If this show is to have legs in the Drew Carey era, it will have to bring the set up to the current gameshow standards.  Granted, this approach didn’t work for the failed Doug Davidson evening version a few years back, but then they also ruined the whole flow of the show with changes to the way the game itself was played.

So what does all this have to do with anything I normally comment on here at the Fish pond?  Very little.  But this has been a remarkably stressful day with a big dollop of unpleasantness thrown in, and I just had to unwind with a little silliness tonight.  I’ll be back soon with more of the same.  In the meantime, have those pets spayed and neutered.




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