Don’t Poop On The Stage

6 10 2007

As of this week, my wife has completed all the outpatient rehab that insurance will allow in their infinite wisdom (yeah, right).  We’ll speak to her progress on our other blog (How’s Barbara Doing?).  The reason I bring this up, though, is that we’ve compared Barbara’s outpatient rehab journey to going to school.  A driver picked her up, she took a lunch, and I waved goodbye and made sure I was home to greet her when she got back.  So, it made sense that her last day would be like graduation day.  Hence, the title of this entry. 

Years ago we adopted a golden retriever into our home and named him Samson.  That name gave way to the more sentimental “Sammy”.  We used to make fun of people who called themselves “mommy” and “daddy” in relationship to their dog, so we started doing that as a stupid joke.  Guess what.  Those became the only names Sammy knew us by!  Oh, and Jackie, our daughter, was “sissy”.  Pretty lame, huh? 

As things progressed with Sammy, we realized that he would need some training (and we would to).  So we began a course of obedience classes.  All went well, and Sammy went from being a rambunctiously wild pup to a rambunctiously trained pup.  The final day of obedience training was graduation day.  All dogs had to perform their routines to graduate, and the top 3 dogs were recognized.  Sammy had done so well at training that we couldn’t figure out why he was so nervous and fidgety during the presentations.  He still managed to come in third place, but we couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t performed as well as we knew he could have.  And then it happened.  Sammy could wait no longer.  Right there in the midst of God and all, Sammy assumed the position and took a world class poop.  This was no ordinary number two, either.  If archaeologists in the future were to find it fossilized, they would have believed that dinosaurs roamed the earth in our time. 

This became the family joke over the years.  As Jackie graduated high school, college, and then got her masters, we always reminded her not to poop on the stage.  Anytime an event occurred that was remotely like a graduation, well, you can guess what we reminded each other.

Day to day we are on all display.  Charles Barkley once errantly proclaimed, “I am not a role model.”  Unfortunately, we can’t opt out of that role.  Somebody somewhere is watching.  As a follower of Christ, I’ve come to realize that the world expects something of Christians that they don’t expect of themselves:  they want us to be perfect.  We’re not.  Not that Christ can’t transform our lives as we walk with him, but we still find ourselves losing our temper or reacting poorly at unfortunate times.  Often we’re baited.  Sometimes it just happens.  It might be road rage.  It might be what I call “buffet rage” (ever been to Old Country Buffet?).  Whatever it is, we need to be mindful that the world is watching.  We don’t have the lee-way to let down our guard.  It takes the power of the Holy Spirit of God in our lives to counsel and train and guide us.  But the end result is worth it.  A life lived beautifully is a wonder of God. 

Here’s hoping you don’t poop on the stage.




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7 10 2007

and here’s hoping that if you do, that the recovery you make will give glory in how much it shows how much he can do with a goof by his effort rather than our ability.

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