You’re The Reason I’m Alive

30 09 2007

Earlier I posted about my overly-sentimental side and my tendency to tear up easily with the proper provocation.  This weekend has been a real double whammy as we watched the movie “World Trade Center”, and later we re-watched the season finale of “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  One was bitterly sad, and the other sweetly heart-tugging.  And once again I teared up a bit.  OK…  a lot.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see “World Trade Center”, but since WalMart had the CD for $4…  well, it appealed to the cheap side of me.  Nicholas Cage is forever stuck in my mind as his character from “Matchstick Men” (“Pygmies!”), so I wasn’t sure how I would receive him in such a serious role.  I was impressed with how well made the movie was – a tasteful handling of the subject matter.  Perhaps the line that grabbed me most came after Nicholas’ character (based on a true story) was rescued from the massive amount of WTC rubble.  As he was wheeled into the hospital, he was reunited with his wife.  Recalling the way the thoughts of her kept him going, he told her (I may be misquoting a bit), “You’re the reason I’m alive.”  Wow.  What a great line.

The depiction of another character seeing a vision of Christ while trapped really touched Barbara, because she herself saw similar visions during her several brushes with death while in the hospital.  But that’s not really what this is about.

These two shows served once again as reminders of how precious and short our time is here, and how important it is that we not waste that time.  To quote a line from the song, “I Hope You Dance”, “Life is a wheel in constant motion moving us along; who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone?”  That song has a lot of significance to me for other reasons, but suffice it to say it’s a philosophy that has transformed the way I live.

Take some time today to look around at all the people you love, and rediscover some of the reasons why you’re alive.  Then look beyond the walls of your home and church and touch the lives of others – they too are the reason we’re alive.  It is so painfully stupid wasting our time being angry at people, withholding forgiveness, getting involved in time-wasting arguments.  Ultimately, my prayer is that God will enrich your hours with a powerful ministry in all the lives you touch.  As we say at our church these days, may God make you an agent of help, hope and healing in the life of someone.  That’s what Christ’s ministry was about, and it’s a true waste of time to forget that.




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