Something So Sweet

27 09 2007

There is something so supremely sweet and satisfying about finishing preparation for Sunday’s message.  I actually don’t like calling them sermons – that seems too preachy.   I go with message because that seems to better represent the process of learning, praying and writing.  After hours of advance reading and preparation, when the final words hit the screen of my computer and I realize that I have a shell ready for the Holy Spirit to fill, I experience an indescribable peace. 

During my wife’s long hospitalization and subsequent nursing home stay, I continued to bring a message every Sunday except for one.  Even the weeks that we thought Barbara’s heart would stop at any moment (and it actually did once).  Even the weeks when I cried through meals and soaked my pillow at night.  Even in the hardest moments, there was a peace that I cannot describe to you in words.  There was something so sacred about studying at Barbara’s bedside, and sharing the fruit of the labor on Sundays.  I felt the strong conviction that I needed to demonstrate what the peace and confidence of God was really about.  So every Sunday I sang my heart out, I prayed with the confidence that had been invested in me, and I found that the Holy Spirit led my words and met with hearts.  I see that I’ve used the word “I” here a lot, but really this isn’t about me.  Rather, I share these sacred, wonderful things with you so that you can know that there is something bigger and better.  Even in the darkest moments there can be a wonderful settled peace and hope in your heart.  There can be strength given beyond imagination.  Our Father in Heaven loves to give good gifts to His children when we’re willing to let Him.

This is a reality that trumps all doubt.  It’s a place you must be before you can understand.  That’s the sticky thing about faith, but it’s also the reward of obedience to God.  I would be glad to pray for you in your dark hour if you need to experience the mighty unexplainables of God in a way that you could never have imagined.  Just let me know the need and you have my promise of a prayer today.




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