A Reason To Believe

25 09 2007

Among the many reasons why I believe in God: creativity.  That’s not to be confused with creationism.

While it is blatantly obvious to me that God Himself masterminded all science, to the scientist all things of life boil down to explainable equations.  In the purely scientific mindset, we can all be explained with numbers and mathematical formulas.  This leaves little to no room for explaining why we create, how love works (try explaining that one with provable, tangible facts!), what makes us poetic, why music effects us, why grandma’s cookies smell so much better than grandpa’s socks, and why there is an inalienable calling to reason out our existence.  Math and science might come up with the numbers, but it takes creativity along with some intangible, unexaminable force to make it all happen beyond the snapping of synapses. 

I could bust open a vein of apologetical justifications for faith.  But nothing does it for me like the spectacular pictures painted in nature or the warm breath of a child on your cheek when they hug you or the absolute beauty of a song that transcends time and elevates spirits from one generation to the next.  And if you think that’s something, I have several other sappy run-on sentences I could add to the mix. 

I’m just so thankful that life can’t be completely explained by logic and reason.  There are just some things that we are hopeless to quantify.  Thank you, Father, for your creativity.




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26 09 2007

Hi there,

Awesome observation! I love hiking in the mountains as I get to see and touch, first hand, God’s creativity in nature.

“Mother Nature” – bah hambug! :) My God put the patterns on a snake’s scales, and He alone designed the symmetrical and perfectly shaped patterns on a leaf.

Nothing like a quiet trickling brook to remind me that our God is not only creative, He is musical as well!

Blessings –

26 09 2007

Well put!

26 09 2007
El Kiosco Volador

I don’t conceive a link between creativity and faith. I mean, even if poetry and love can’t be explained by science, I don’t find a theological explanation any more enlightening.

Maybe I missed your point. My opinions on God are all very weak.

26 09 2007

Thanks to each one of you for your comments.

To El Kiosco, thank you so much for taking the time to read my meanderings. I made my statements as reflective of what increases my faith in God. I suspect that there are so many different triggers for faith that they would take up gigabytes in the blogosphere. I simply relayed one of mine, and I guess that a couple of others shared my feelings. To clarify a bit, though, I would offer that I believe there to be a greater explanation for beauty, love, perception, and creativity than any mathmatical scientific equation or thesis can postulate. Being a person of faith and great hope, my eyes have been opened to these things in a way that is at once intellectual and visceral. Theology doesn’t explain the unexplainable; but the unexplainable finds reason in the hands of a creative creator who signs His Name by the beautiful things in all of creation. If life as we know it merely “happened” in ways explainable by tangible evidence, why do we have the intangibles? My life experiences have shown me why, and that is what I endevored to express. Thanks again for visiting, and for thinking along with me on these things for a few moments. Blessings to you.

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