I Hate To Admit It, But…

23 09 2007

Charlotte’s Web still makes me cry.  Barbara and I watched it together tonight.  No kids present.  No coercion on her behalf.  No sentimental reason or otherwise.  We simply wanted to watch it.  I had purchased the new live version on DVD when our niece was visiting in late summer (I also discovered that “Night At The Museum” was a much funnier movie than I’d ever imagined).  So tonight we watched the erudite arachnid and I cried.  I’ve always been overly sentimental; blame that on my mom.  And perhaps its her early death from cancer almost 18 years ago, or my wife’s recent 8 month hospitalization and death-comebacks that have made me even more prone to tear up.  But above all the sentimentality and above all the emasculating aspects of this confession, I also see something much more powerful at work.

Here it is.  This story has a great, on-point, and timeless message.  It’s a beautiful story about sacrificial friendship.  It’s about the effect that sacrificial love has even on the coldest of hearts.  This is the kind of love that opens doors and changes lives.  This is the kind of love that I pray manifests itself firmly among my church and all those who truly follow Christ.

I can’t change someone’s mind about Christ with arguments on a blog.  I can’t make someone accept a reality that they are predispostioned to ignore.  I believe it was Paul Little who said that a non-believer trying to understand Christianity was like a bachelor trying to understand marriage.  Certainly they can comprehend the mechanics and the theories.  But you just can’t fully intellectually get it until you’ve opened your heart to that one thing that has called you all along. 

There’s marked disagreement among Christ followers as to which road of service that Jesus blazed is best to take.  But one thing is for certain: until wesacrificially love each other inside the walls of the church, and then outside those walls, we cannot take any of His paths.  We learn to love among His people (which can be the hardest place to start loving at times!).  Then we love unconditionally those who don’t share our immense hope, joy and peace.

 I hate to admit it, but some of us are still swilling slop rather than weaving webs.





4 responses

24 09 2007
Unique Muslimah

Lovely post, you have a beautiful style of writing by the way that kept me glued and a lovely sense of humour. Keep it going :)

24 09 2007

Thanks for your encouraging and sweet comment, Unique. It came right at the moment that I needed a good word this evening. Blessings to you!


25 09 2007
Unique Muslimah

My pleasure! :)

16 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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