An Open Mind

21 09 2007

According to today’s standards, those who are close-minded are the ones who don’t agree with any individual’s given mindset.  One who is open-minded tends to only be open to their own frame of thought.  I am often amused at “free-thinkers” who vigilantly label anyone who doesn’t agree with them as non-thinkers.  All of this is compounded by the relative anonymity offered by the internet where nattering prattlers can rattle and rail endlessly under the blanket of a non-descript handle or logon. 

Tonight, the news wrapped up with a clip from the Cincinnati Oktoberfest where wiener dogs were racing.  My wife and I got a huge laugh at the fact that the little fellas were all wearing hot-dog bun costumes with a ketchup or mustard-looking decoration on top.  I wondered how the wiener dogs would feel if they knew how silly their owners were making them look.  And so goes the plight of those who proclaim themselves open-minded.  Sometimes they’re the wiener dog.

When it comes to the followers of Christ, we should be the most truly open-minded of all.  After all, it takes a truly open mind to love like Jesus taught us to love.  A love that extends to your biggest adversary, to the vilest criminal, and to the guy next door who never mows his grass is truly a love spawned from an open mind.  A life lived following Christ even when that road goes places we never imagined we’d go truly takes an open mind.  And to face death with hope rather than despair, not running towards it and not losing our sense of joy even on the toughest day, truly takes an open mind.  Those things, of course, are the ideal.  But they are certainly not illusive to the one who follows after Jesus with all their heart, soul and mind.

If I occasionally look like the wiener dog, it’s only because I’m trying to make sense of this race.




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